For the purpose of these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
‘Event Order’ means the form provided to you prior to your event stating all details of your function.
‘Business Day’ means any day from Monday to Friday inclusive, except public holidays.
‘Company’ means Gorgeous Weddings Australia and its managers, supervisors and employees.
‘Company Premises’ means the premises situated at 12 Church Street, Stanley.

    • Your chosen venue will be held tentatively for fourteen (14) days, from the date the Company accepts your booking.
    • Confirmation of your booking is required in writing to the Company, and a deposit payment made (paragraph four (4) below) within fourteen (14) days of making your booking. If a signed copy of this “Terms and Conditions” document and a deposit are not received by the Company within fourteen (14) days, the venue will be released and your booking may be cancelled. Exceptions and extensions may apply at management’s discretion.
    • Fourteen (14) clear Business Days before your function, final payment to the Company is required.

Bride (full-name):
Groom (full-name):
Home phone:
Wedding day/date:
Ceremony time/location:
Reception time/location:
Expected no. guests:

    • A $1,100.00 non-refundable deposit is required within fourteen (14) days of booking. The deposit is to be paid with terms and conditions signed and returned before your booking is guaranteed. Tentative bookings without a deposit paid and terms and conditions signed will only be held for a period of fourteen (14) days. The Company reserves the right to release any tentative bookings after the fourteen (14) days.
    • Twelve (12) months prior to your wedding date, 25% of your estimated wedding cost is required to be paid
    • Six (6) months prior to your wedding date, 50% of your estimated wedding cost is required to be paid
    • Three (3) months prior to your wedding date, 75% of your estimated wedding cost is required to be paid
    • Fourteen (14) days prior to your wedding date, 100% of your wedding cost is required to be paid
    • Full payment of your wedding is required at least fourteen (14) days prior to your wedding date. Services will not be provided without the final payment being received.
    • Any additional charges need to be settled on departure.
    • Credit card details will be held on file for final settlement purposes. You will be notified regarding any charges processed on your credit card for any breakages, damages or incidentals.
    • You are required to provide the Company in writing particulars of all venues, beverages, entertainment, technical requirements, room setups, starting and finishing times in connection with your wedding. These details are required at least one (1) month before your wedding.
    • Guaranteed numbers – final attendance numbers must be notified to the Company twenty-one (21) days prior to your wedding. Any reduction in attendance numbers within twenty one (21) days prior to your wedding will be subject to charge at the full contracted amount.
    • You must ensure that nothing is nailed, screwed or adhered in any way to any wall, door or another part of the building unless prior permission is granted by the Company.
    • The Company is a private Company open to other guests. All guests are required to observe house rules, trespass, noise (music is to be turned down low after 10.00pm) and general behaviour, particularly at night. Anyone in your party creating nuisance may be asked to leave the Company Premises immediately and will be liable for any damages caused either to other guests or the proprietor.
    • All cancellations are required in writing.
    • All deposits / payments are non-refundable.
    • Notice within twelve (12) months of your wedding date, 25% of the wedding cost will be charged.
    • Notice within six (6) months of your wedding date, 50% of the wedding cost will be charged.
    • Notice within three (3) months of your wedding date, 75% of the wedding cost will be charged.
    • Notice within one (1) month of your wedding date, 100% of the wedding cost will be charged.
    • If accommodation for the bride and groom is included in the wedding package, please fill out the attached Wedding Accommodation Form. Once this form is returned, your accommodation will be booked and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
    • Guest accommodation is subject to availability and booked on the acceptance of our accommodation terms and conditions (available on the Company website). All guest accommodation bookings require a 50% non-refundable deposit.
    • Check-in is at 2.00pm and check out is at 10.00am. Please ensure you take this into consideration when selecting your ceremony time as we cannot guarantee an early check-in for your guests.
    • If the Company is unable to provide the facilities or any other arrangements for your wedding or any part thereof, or to otherwise perform the terms of this agreement and the Company’s failure is due to circumstances beyond its decision or control, the Company is not responsible for any costs, damages or expenses that you may suffer or incur.
    • The Company cannot guarantee the same co-ordinator throughout the planning process. In the result of a co-ordinator ceasing employment a new co-ordinator will be allocated at the Company’s discretion.
    • Your wedding must be conducted in an orderly and lawful manner.
    • The Company may terminate your wedding if the Company reasonably believes that your wedding is not being conducted in an orderly and lawful manner.
    • The Company has no responsibility to you for any costs, damages or expenses that you may incur in relation to the Companies termination of your wedding.
    • The Company may exclude or remove any persons or possessions from your wedding or from the Company premises. No food or beverages of any kind, other than those provided by the Company, will be permitted at the wedding venue without the consent of a representative of the Resort.
    • ThisCompany practices principles of responsible service of alcohol. Intoxicated persons will not be served alcohol and may be removed from the premises.
    • A surcharge of $250.00 per hour is applicable if a wedding continues longer than the agreed times.
    • A 17% surcharge is applicable to the total food and beverage account for weddings held on Public Holidays.
    • A surcharge of $500 per hour is applicable if a wedding continues longer than five (5) hours on Public Holidays.
    • Where goods or services are supplied from an external supplier additional terms and conditions may apply, such as additional deposits, earlier confirmation of final numbers or cancellation fees. You are responsible for any fees that may apply in relation to the supplier’s terms and conditions.
    • The Company acts as an agent for external suppliers, such as photography and videography, decorators, cake supplier and others, therefore the suppliers hold all responsibility for their services.
    • Any items that have not been collected after the event will be disposed of within seven (7) days.
    • Theft, damage or loss of any goods brought onto the Company Premises
    • Any introduction of food to the wedding and the effect of thereafter.
    • You are responsible for all loss and damage to the property of the Company (including the Company Premises and any fixtures, furnishings or goods on or off the Company) caused by or arising from any act or omission by you, your guests or any other persons attending your wedding or present in the Company rooms.
    • The Company may assign you to another area or room for your wedding in the event that the area or room originally designated for your wedding is unavailable for any reason or the Company believes the area of the Company originally designated for your function is deemed inappropriate.
    • Options for wet weather reception venue change will be the Stanley Town Hall. The decision to move the reception venue in the event of wet weather is the responsibility of the bride and groom based on advice from the Company. However, the Company reserves the right to overrule the bride and groom’s decision if necessary.This decision must be made no later than 24 hours prior to your wedding day. The Company is not responsible if the Town Hall is unavailable that day.
    • Whilst every effort is made to maintain prices as printed or quoted, they may be subject to increase without notice to cover unforeseen price rises.
    • If your wedding date is changed to the next year for any reason, the new wedding package prices and venue hire fees will apply.

Please read these terms & conditions carefully. If you do not understand any of the terms & conditions or have any questions, please discuss them with our Wedding Co-ordinator.

In paying the booking deposit, these terms and conditions are binding upon the client.